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(Prefecture-level city in Jiangsu Province)

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Suzhou, abbreviated as "Su", anciently known as Gusu and Pingjiang , is a prefecture-level city in Jiangsu Province , one of the important central cities in China's Yangtze River Delta approved by the State Council , a national high-tech industrial base and a scenic tourist city [1]  . As of 2018, the city has 5 districts and 4 county-level cities under its jurisdiction, with a total area of 8,57.32 square kilometers, a permanent population of 10.72117 million, an urban population of 8,153,900, an urbanization rate of 76.05%, and a permanent resident population of 5.38 million people. [2-3] 
Suzhou is located in East China , Southeastern Jiangsu , and the middle of the Yangtze River Delta . It is an important part of the Yangtze River City Group . It faces Shanghai in the east Jiaxing in the south Taihu Lake in the west , and the Yangtze River in the north . It is located at 119°55'~121°20 east longitude. ′, between 30°47′ and 32°02′ north latitude. The city’s terrain is low and flat, with plains accounting for 54.8% of the total area, about 4 meters above sea level, and hills accounting for 2.7% of the total area. Suzhou has a subtropical monsoon oceanic climate with four distinct seasons and abundant rainfall. It grows rice , wheat , rape , and produces cotton , sericulture , and forest fruits . Its specialty products include Biluochun tea , Yangtze saury , Taihu whitebait , and Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs . [4-5] 
Suzhou is one of the first national historical and cultural cities with a history of nearly 2500 years. It is an important birthplace of Wu culture and has the reputation of paradise on earth ". The representative of Chinese private gardens-Suzhou Classical Gardens and the Suzhou Section of the Grand Canal of China are listed as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO [6-7] 
In June 2020, it was selected as one of the first batch of demonstration areas and projects for the construction of a national rule of law government by the Central Committee for the Rule of Law. [8]